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Our ministry is dedicated to helping you learn new skills, develop a new perspective on life, set and achieve goals and feel supported by a personal mentor and team of women cheering you on and praying for you.  



The mentor partnership is a supportive relationship that empowers you to grow personally and achieve your unique set of goals. A mentor will help you work through decisions and hold you accountable for the goals and tasks you set. She will be your cheerleader, prayer warrior, and confidant as you overcome obstacles and find hope and joy in life. You meet with your mentor at times convenient to the two of you. 




Encouragement Groups

Fall Groups are wrapping up

January program dates TBA - send an email to be added to the info list

Begin a journey to self-sufficiency and goal achievement, and overcome roadblocks to your success. You will learn essential life and job skills to apply a fresh approach to your life, find support and encouragement, grow in your faith, and have a lot of fun and laughter along the way. And, each class includes a little food and a small gift to make you feel special. You can't beat all that for just two hours of your time each week. So, join us!


Get unstuck, bloom, and achieve your goals and dreams.  We can't wait to meet you. 


Participant Testimontials  

"I am so glad I came to the classes. I was usually tired but never missed because I knew you all really cared about me and wanted to help me put my life together."

"I haven't had many women in my life that I could trust and who had my best interests in mind. My mentor made me see the goodness in people and feel good about myself. I looked forward to our talks and she really helped me think through my decisions in a new way." 

"This class got me energized and excited about life again. I had become depressed and felt like life was passing me by. Now, I know I can go out and make things happen."

"Thank you for never forgetting about me or being angry with me when I make bad decisions. Most people would have turned away from me, but you came to find me when I stopped coming to class and calling. I can't tell you how good it made me feel to know you loved me enough to come find me and make sure I was okay."

"I am amazed at how willing everyone with Caring Connections is willing to help connect me to resources and find ways to put my life on the right path. I feel special in this ministry."

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