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Classes  | bloom & become a stronger you

Begin a journey of self-discovery and growth and overcome the road blocks in your life. In this encouragement group/life skills class you will create a plan to make change, so that you can live a life of self-sufficiency and joy. The classes focus on skills to help you break negative habits and patterns and apply a fresh approach, but you will also make new friends, find support and encouragement, grow in your faith and hopefully have a lot of fun and laughter along the way. Each class includes an inspiring message, sharing, skill building and support...and a delicious snack or meal! And, did I mention we love to give little love gifts each week and laugh a lot. You can't beat all that in just two hours of your time each week for 10 weeks. So, join us! See details below. 


At the completion of our class program, we offer you a personal mentor who will work one on one with you for one full year to help you accomplish your goals set in class and stay focused and encouraged. 





a life & jobs skills & encouragement class

grow into the woman you were created you to be


Don't postpone making a fresh start on creating the life you dream of. Start by attending our Bloom Encouragement Class and find support, hope, and encouragement, as you develop life and job skills to create a life of joy and self-sufficiency. Each class includes a time of learning, discussion, snacks, and little gifts to make you feel special.

Fall Classes Are Wrapping Up

Dates for January will be announced soon 

Interested? Sign up by messaging Cynthia @

919-231-3995 ext. 109







  • My story - Who am I?
  • Get motivated and get moving!
  • Hire me! Resume development, interview skills and dress to impress.
  • What's my purpose?
  • Goal setting. Create an action plan
  • Career exploration
  • Learn to make informed decisions 
  • Build a nest egg-learn to save & spend wisely
  • Learn to let go of toxic relationships
  • and more! Other topics are based on the individual needs of the class.
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